Hurry up and relax. The beautiful love child of Quick and High this sublingual is a fast-acting blast of that sunshiny blurred edge of joy and love.

  • 4x faster than spray tincture
  • 3x more potent than average spray tincture
  • Control your ride Exactly 1.6 mg thc per spray
    (100 mg thc per bottle)
  • Super discreet Take it anywhere

how it works

  1. Spray under your tongue
  2. Hold it there for 30 seconds
  3. Feel it in a few minutes

4 Flavors With 4 Experiences

Minted perfection. Cool and refreshing with a little pep in your step and bonus points for the fresh breath.

Spicy nice-y. This Sativa/Indica blend is the best of both worlds with a fiery cinnamon kick.

Life's fine. Recline. Drift away any worry or any need for getting up from that spot. Yep. Right where you are is fine.

Centered yet floating. Body euphoria with a clear head and tasty cranberry all sitting around the fire finding the true meaning of life.

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