Meet Our Newest Product: Drift Sublingual

Who knew the floodgates to pure joy were located under your tongue? We did, and we’re bustin’ em open. Get ready to be swept away by our newest product, Drift™. This delicious sublingual spray, crafted with cold-extracted peppermint oil and 100 milligrams of Washington’s finest cannabis, hits fast then slows the world down so you can take it all in. When you spray this refreshing, minty elixir under your tongue, you’ll feel a euphoric high—similar to smoking—in a matter of minutes. No other product can make you feel this good this fast. Take it along with you to parties, bars, even the grocery store and reach for it anytime you want to elevate your mood and relax your mind.

Our first batch is a delicious, refreshing Wind River Mint flavor that will hit shelves on September 30th, and we can’t wait for you to try it. In the meantime, learn more about how Drift™ works.

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