Production in the Wild, Wild West

Doing something new isn’t always easy.

A couple of months ago, we wrote about taking the long view. We’ve recently realized what a good idea that is.

Last week we learned that some of our bottles weren’t safe because of a fermentation issue. Some were actually bursting under the pressure – definitely a bummer. We immediately took bottles off the shelves and refunded 100% of the costs to retailers. And we’re working sleeves-up to solve problems on the production-side. New product-safety experts and new lab facilities to help us with testing. New equipment on order and a singular focus on the right fix.

When we first decided to walk the gangplank of a cannabis drinkables pioneer, we knew it was going to test us. After all, nobody’s ever made a completely natural, locally-sourced cannabis drinkable before.

There have been plenty of days since when we’ve been reminded of how new this industry is. Today and in the weeks to come, Mirth Provisions is as committed as we’ve ever been to producing the highest quality cannabis-infused beverages. We want them to be natural, to use local fruit. We want you to know what the experience will feel like. We want them to be sweetened with agave instead of fructose. We want them to be delicious. We want them to be available in stores near you.

We love being a part of Washington’s wild west. We can’t wait until our beautiful sodas find their way into all of your refrigerators and back-porch barbecues. So here’s to more mirthful days to come.

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