Top Ten Reasons We Love Our Music Video

  1. The hook is so catchy. We’ve all been humming it nonstop. Listen to it once, we bet you’ll walk away with it lodged in your dome.
  2. All four flavors have their very own “character.” One loses his pants. Another flips a lawn chair.
  3. Listen closely for the Kung-fu-like-wind sounds when the chair flies.
  4. Also the woman at :14 gets us every time. Every time.
  5. The Hybrid (Rainier Cherry) woman tries to clean the stone patio with a paper towel. This makes us laugh.
  6. James Westby is the guy shredding on the guitar. With the wild hair. He’s an indie filmmaker (Auteur, Film Geek), he directed the spot, and he also wrote the song.
  7. … Which, if you ask us, it reminds us of some 80’s punk songs we love. Good work, James. (Also. Go watch his films.)
  8. Can you find where the drummer says INCREDIBLE as if his life depended on it? That drummer also owns Mississippi Studios in Portland. WHICH IS ALSO INCREDIBLE. So go there and spend money.
  9. I make a cameo, and I come really close to taking a sip. But I don’t.
  10. Why? Because we abided by alcohol marketing guidelines. “Cannabis marketing guidelines” have yet to exist.
  11. It’s the world’s first-ever cannabis product commercial. And we’re proud.

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